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Laboratory Usage Basics

All necessary items for experiments, such as reagents and laboratory tools, are to be prepared by the user.
Items brought into the laboratory should be labeled to show ownership and the user must be responsible for such items.
After experiments are completed, items brought into the laboratory should be immediately brought back to classrooms or stored in storage spaces.


Storage of Valuables

Storage lockers are available on the 5th floor corridor and staircase.
Store your valuables in these lockers.
Note: The facility will not be responsible for any theft occurring within the facility.


Use of the Laboratory Tables

(1) Short-term Usage

Available lab room: Fifth Floor [501] RNA Laboratory (Central Laboratory Table)
Usage period: Usage not to extend past one week
Usage method: 1. Required information (Department/Affiliation, Name, Start Date/Time, End Date/Time) must be filled in on the Usage Record before use
2. As soon as experiments are completed, laboratory tables must be promptly cleared of all items and wiped with alcohol

(2) Registered Usage

For users who wish to use GTC to experiment for an extended period of time or who want dedicated use of the facilities for experiments.
Available lab room: 5th floor [501] RNA Laboratory (Central Laboratory Tables)
5th floor [514] Cell Manipulation Laboratory (Central Laboratory Tables)
Dedicated Usage Fee: 2,000 yen for one laboratory table space / month
* Includes use of laboratory table storage cabinets and shelf space above laboratory table
* Will be calculated as a usage fee to be paid by user
To Apply: Inquire at the Administration Office

(3) Other Laboratory Tables

Other laboratory tables can be used freely, but because they are intended for short-term experiments/work, please clean them up as soon as you are finished.

Equipment Available in Laboratory

70% ethanol disinfectant (squirt bottle or spray bottle)
* Use Esmir as a substitute
Ethanol (for some laboratories with squirt bottles only)
Ion-exchanged water (with a bottle)
Paper (such as Kimwipes)
Rubber gloves, latex gloves
Aluminum foil
Cellophane wrap
Autoclave bags
Autoclave tape


Facility Garbage Disposal

There are garbage bins in the halls and the laboratory.
Sort according to the garbage sorting examples shown on the posted notices.
E-coli plates etc. that require sterilization are to be disposed of using autoclave bags which are stored in the safety cabinet.
The staff will collect the bags and handle all autoclave sterilization.

Liquid Waste, etc. Disposal

Liquid waste discharged within the facility is to be collected in the specified containers and processed according to the internal university regulations. Please sort and dispose such waste according to the posted notices.

Cleaning and Organizing Rooms

After experiments are completed, items brought into the laboratory should be immediately brought back to classrooms or stored in storage spaces.
Any items not put in their prescribed place will be considered as left behind, and after a lengthy period of time will be removed or discarded at the staff’s discretion.
The laboratory is a shared space and everyone should be able to use a clean and organized space. This requires the help of all users in keeping the laboratory neat and tidy. Your cooperation in regards to this matter is highly appreciated.”
Consuming or storing food and drinks in the lab is expressly prohibited.
In addition, the entire building is designated as a no smoking area.
Food and drink can be consumed in the 6th floor lounge.

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