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<Commun Biol. 2022 Apr 7;5(1):332. doi: 10.1038/s42003-022-0328>
タイトル; Sperm membrane proteins DCST1 and DCST2 are required for sperm-egg interaction in mice and fish.
発表者;野田 大地氏
(熊本大学 生命資源研究・支援センター 生殖機能学分野)
The process of sperm-egg fusion is critical for successful fertilization, yet the underlying mechanisms that regulate these steps have remained unclear in vertebrates. Here, we show that both mouse and zebrafish DCST1 and DCST2 are necessary in sperm to fertilize the egg, similar to their orthologs SPE-42 and SPE-49 in C. elegans and Sneaky in D. melanogaster. Mouse Dcst1 and Dcst2 single knockout (KO) sperm are able to undergo the acrosome reaction and show normal relocalization of IZUMO1, an essential factor for sperm-egg fusion, to the equatorial segment. While both single KO sperm can bind to the oolemma, they show the fusion defect, resulting that Dcst1 KO males become almost sterile and Dcst2 KO males become sterile. Similar to mice, zebrafish dcst1 KO males are subfertile and dcst2 and dcst1/2 double KO males are sterile. Zebrafish dcst1/2 KO sperm are motile and can approach the egg, but are defective in binding to the oolemma. Furthermore, we find that DCST1 and DCST2 interact with each other and are interdependent. These data demonstrate that DCST1/2 are essential for male fertility in two vertebrate species, highlighting their crucial role as conserved factors in fertilization.


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