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タイトル; Efficient generation of electroporation-mediated genome-edited rat via in vitro fertilization using cryopreserved sperm.
発表者;中川 佳子氏
(熊本大学 生命資源研究・支援センター 資源開発分野、プラチナバイオ株式会社)
Recently, we newly reported sperm cryopreservation and in vitro fertilization (IVF) protocols for rats (Scientific Reports 10:93 2020). Sperm cryopreservation technology is useful for the preservation of genetically modified rat strains. Using frozen-thawed sperm obtained from one male rat, many pups can be efficiently produced via multiple IVF and embryo transfer. In this study, we demonstrated efficient electroporation-mediated generation of genome-edited rats via IVF using frozen-thawed sperm. We created zygotes with a high fertilization rate, and genome-edited rats with a sufficient birth rate and a high mutation rate. Since we can obtain a huge number of frozen sperm from a male rat and can subsequently perform IVF multiple times using the frozen-thawed sperm, we believe that our protocol will achieve further improvements in the field of efficient generation of genome-edited rats.


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